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Welcome to the Website of Anubhav, Calgary, Alberta

“Anubhav – A Centre for Performing Arts” aspires to bring to light the culture, arts and traditions of the Indian subcontinent within the North American multicultural milieu. The medium is performing arts, consisting of drama, song and dance. The sole and unvarying objective at all times is the establishment, promotion and dissemination of art and culture. Anubhav also seeks to inculcate cultural values among our youth and to provide them an avenue to explore their traditional roots.

2014 marks nine years since us as Anubhav, started our quest. Please see the link below on this page, for our upcoming production this year

2012 marks seven years since we as Anubhav, started on our quest. For our eighth production, we presented a dramatization of the novel Dhanyabad Mastermosai by the acclaimed writer Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay. Click here for the flier.

When we began in 2006, we were charting untested waters. Would we be able to organize repeated rehearsals with a diverse group of individuals, who would have to commit to giving up quality time with their families during weekends, for month after month? What of the stage craft, publicity, music, lights and myriad factors that make up a production? In cold December of 2006, our maiden production consisting of Nagarlakshmi and Rajdarshan was staged. Months of hard work climaxed to a couple of hours of adrenalin rush – the audience cheered at our unexpectedly professional show!

For our second production, we carried a song-drama package to Edmonton for Bangla Utsav 2007. It was a lesson in modular stagecraft. The third major production in the same year was a music and dance composition followed by Tiner Talowar by the legendary Utpal Dutt – our largest and most complex production to date. In the next production, Aniket Sandhya, we introduced a child artiste whose performance touched many hearts in the audience. Also we experimented with Sruti natak(Audio Drama) “Iti Raka”.

In 2009, facing a severe economic downturn, we did away with tickets for our show and presented an experimental medley of songs, narration and audio plays seamlessly woven together by light and sound. In our sixth production last year, experimenting with format, we presented two plays, an outright comedy and a comic socially relevant drama.

So far, it has been teamwork all the way – several members have come, stayed for a production or two and left the group, enriched by the experience. But Anubhav now has a life of its own, living off the synergy from its members. We hope to present quality productions for many years to come. We sincerely thank you for your continued patronage and encouragement and look forward to many more years of fruitful association.

We are committed to presenting our esteemed audience with thought provoking and entertaining plays, audio plays and music-dance repertoires. We sincerely thank all those who supported us during our productions. Do encourage us by your continued support and patronage as we strive to pay homage to the highest of all art forms, performing arts.

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